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2016 - TODAY


With the UNHIDE project, we collaborate with ARTHELPS to advocate for precisely these individuals. For children and young people who are not seen and go unnoticed in our society. For all those who have no opportunity to discover their potentials. UNHIDE gives them a voice and a platform to express themselves creatively. In workshops, we support them in discovering their own strengths and making their dreams, hopes, and needs visible.

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Kinder des Amazonas-Regenwalds Ecuador beim ArtHelps Workshop


2011 - 2021

A land that rightfully belongs to the original inhabitants of the Amazon for thousands of years. Rivers, streams, and soil have been polluted and rendered infertile due to the resulting activities. Saving An Angel supported the ClearWater project and, as a result, the indigenous people and local farmers in their struggle for the cleanup and restoration of their land from October 2011 to the end of 2021.

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Saving an Angel und ARTHELPS Arztpraxis Ukraine


Around 1,000 evacuated children, young people and women live in our SAFE PLACE in Ukraine (the location is not named for security reasons).
With the help of your support and our local partners, a medical facility was able to be put back into operation in April 2023.
Thank you for your constant support!

Rea Garvey im Workshop mit Kinder für UNHIDE Ukraine in Bucha.

UNHIDE Workshop Bucha

With our partner ARTHELPS, we conducted a workshop with children and teenagers in Bucha at the end of September. On that day, they were able to discover their talents. In Ukraine, we will create places with UNHIDE, SAFE SPACES where children and young people can find peace, discover themselves, and their talents.


UNHIDE is intended to disarm. The children should be given a break in the workshops. In our UNHIDE workshops you are in a room with other children creating something new with your own creativity. It's a hard time and so important to create positive things so you don't give up hope. Our job is to help them live those dreams and keep that hope alive. Children's laughter must not be lost.

God Bless

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About us

SAVING AN ANGEL is a foundation founded by Rea Garvey with the primary goal of improving the lives of disadvantaged children.


Since its establishment in 2001, the foundation has been collecting and distributing funds to partner organizations and projects and helping to secure a better future for children. In doing so, the foundation provides support exactly where money is needed to help children in need. Without major bureaucratic detours and without a large administrative apparatus that would swallow up a large part of the income. Thus, SAVING AN ANGEL does not concentrate on a single project, but tries to be active worldwide.

The founder of SAVING AN ANGEL is the musician Rea Garvey, who, in addition to his solo project, has become famous as the frontman of the band “Reamonn” and as the coach of the TV show “The Voice Of Germany”, among other things.


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