Since the establishment of the SAVING AN ANGEL Foundation, we have had the privilege of collaborating with many outstanding organizations. In addition to financial support, we aim to raise awareness of the work of our partners in the public eye to reach even more people.

Die Arche

Since 1995, Die Arche has been fighting child poverty in Germany. In their facilities, underprivileged children are provided with a daily free, nutritious hot meal, homework assistance, recreational activities involving sports and music, and, above all, a lot of attention. Children need affirmation for their self-esteem, just as they need to feel important and loved, which sadly, many children in this country do not experience at home.

The Christian children and youth organization is now active at ten locations in Germany, reaching over 2,000 children and adolescents. The opening of additional facilities is in the planning stage because the demand is significant. The tasks undertaken by the organization can only be managed with the support of the community, as Die Arche is funded 100% through donations.

Dunkelziffer E.V.

Saving An Angel and Dunkelziffer e.V. share a long history. The support began with the cover of Falco’s song ‘Jeanny’ by Reamonn and Xavier Naidoo in 2001. At that time, the issue of sexual violence was even more taboo than it is today. Being approached by such well-known musicians tremendously helped Dunkelziffer e.V. Since then, Saving an Angel and Rea Garvey have consistently stood by the organization’s side, supporting its projects with donations and public awareness efforts. The non-profit organization funds its work solely through donations.

Dunkelziffer e.V. has been fighting against child sexual abuse and child pornography since 1993, offering therapy, counseling, prevention, and education. With our prevention projects in schools and kindergartens, we contribute to preventing sexual violence. We encourage children and adolescents to say ‘NO’ and seek help. We have long been advocating for better victim protection, tougher penalties, and destigmatizing the issue through media work and comprehensive public education.

Often, abused boys and girls have no words to describe what was done to them. In music therapy, they can express their despair and anger differently. Thanks to the longstanding support of Saving an Angel, Dunkelziffer e.V.’s music therapists have been able to help many children.


The Kindernothilfe has taken on the task of advancing the implementation of the rights of children and adolescents. Because if you want to help children in need sustainably, you must do exactly that: contribute to the realization of their rights. This is achieved through a specific approach known as the child rights approach, which is a guiding principle for all Kindernothilfe projects abroad, as well as for educational and advocacy work in Germany.

Since 2003, Saving An Angel has been supporting a Kindernothilfe project that offers disabled children and their families a chance for an equal life. On the occasion of the major ‘Life 8’ concert in 2005 in Berlin, Rea Garvey drew attention to the needs of children worldwide at a Kindernothilfe press conference. In the ProSieben ‘Red Nose Day Gala’ in 2006, Rea appeared as an ambassador for Kindernothilfe. In 2008, he supported the media award ‘Children’s Rights in the One World’ with a performance. Since 2006, Saving An Angel has also been supporting a Kindernothilfe project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, which protects and rehabilitates abused girls.

Til Schweiger Foundation

The Til Schweiger Foundation sees itself as a high-profile and effective aid organization. Its goal, in the context of the foundation’s purpose, is to uncover societal grievances and create a collective awareness of urgently needed assistance. The foundation’s resources are the generation of financial donations and media attention. They support projects that have a symbolic nature and encourage societal engagement in the local community. Ideally, these projects are suitable to be successfully ‘copied’ elsewhere.

In collaboration with Saving An Angel, immediate relief measures were implemented in the Schnackenburgallee initial reception facility in Hamburg by providing a minibus for various trips. Additionally, two tents (DOMO’s) were set up at the youth center (JUZ) in HH-Jenfeld. Many refugee children also visit the JUZ alongside the local children and adolescents. The capacity at the JUZ was becoming limited due to the additional children, and the tents were able to create sufficient space. This is where learning and educational activities take place with the children, both before and after school, alongside play, crafting, and much laughter.

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