Saving an Angel und ARTHELPS Arztpraxis Ukraine


Around 1,000 evacuated children, young people and women live in our SAFE PLACE in Ukraine (the location is not named for security reasons).
With the help of your support and our local partners, a medical facility was able to be put back into operation in April 2023.
Thank you for your constant support!

Rea Garvey im Workshop mit Kinder für UNHIDE Ukraine in Bucha.

UNHIDE Workshop Bucha

With our partner ARTHELPS, we conducted a workshop with children and teenagers in Bucha at the end of September. On that day, they were able to discover their talents. In Ukraine, we will create places with UNHIDE, SAFE SPACES where children and young people can find peace, discover themselves, and their talents.


UNHIDE is intended to disarm. The children should be given a break in the workshops. In our UNHIDE workshops you are in a room with other children creating something new with your own creativity. It's a hard time and so important to create positive things so you don't give up hope. Our job is to help them live those dreams and keep that hope alive. Children's laughter must not be lost.

God Bless

Skizze UNHIDE Hub Ukraine

The UNHIDE Project 

In September 2022, we were back in Ukraine. We partnered with our project collaborators, visited children, inspected properties, and solidified our plan. In 2023, we will establish a UNHIDE HUB in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. We will create the necessary infrastructure, equip spaces, hire and train our staff. Ultimately, inviting children and youth to our UNHIDE HUB. It will be an exciting time!

Ukrainische Kinder beim UNHIDE Kreativworkshop - UNHIDE Ukraine Workshop in Stuttgart

UNHIDE HOME in Stuttgart

Since July 2022, daily special creative workshops have been held for refugee Ukrainian children and teenagers at our UNHIDE HOME in Stuttgart. In 2022, a total of 127 workshops were conducted, reaching over 1,000 Ukrainian children and teenagers. In these imaginative workshops, the children and teenagers were given a platform and inspiration to discover and unleash their artistic potential. They had the freedom, far from violence, fear, and hopelessness, to simply be children, to dream, and to laugh.

Zahlen und Fakten UNHIDE UKRAINE.


We are so grateful for all your help, all the volunteers who have tirelessly supported us in Ukrainian aid over the past few months! It wouldn't have been possible without you. THANK YOU.

DThanks to valuable donations, Saving an Angel was able to provide medical supplies, food, and hygiene items to 400,000 people in Ukraine.
We continue to give it our all!

Call to Action UNHIDE UKRAINE.

Aid supplies for Ukraine

Thanks to countless volunteers and a great willingness to donate, we have been able to evacuate more than 70,000 people in recent weeks with UNHIDE Ukraine and deliver more than 900 tons of relief supplies to over 80 locations: food, clothing and medicine.
Thanks to our contacts and our network, the supplies are getting to where they are needed.
We would like to thank you, our partners, especially ArtHelps!

Please don't let us get tired and keep going!
We will continue to collect donations, transport relief supplies and buy supplies locally. We continue to evacuate people and this is only possible with your valuable help!

Rea Garvey und UNHIDE Team in der Ukraine.

UNHIDE Ukraine emergency aid

SAVING AN ANGEL and ARTHELPS were in Ukraine in early March 2022 to deliver urgently needed supplies to the country and to bring people safely to Germany.

The yellow in the Ukrainian flag is like the golden wheat fields, and the blue is like the blue sky. I believe everyone can identify with that; we all know it. We must stand with the people. I pray that this war ends soon, that reason returns, and we can help the Ukrainian people rebuild this beautiful country.

God Bless

Fotocredit: ArtHelps

Rea Garvey erhält den Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2019 für Sasha überreicht.

The Sustainability Award 2019

It was a great honour to receive this prize from the Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis and even a greater honour to receive it from my brother Sasha!
Our sucess is the work of so many each one knowing what his role is and then just doing it! I believe everything is possible in the strength and resolve of the human race. We started off as the few now we are the many!

God Bless

Fotocredit: Ralf Rühmeier

Kinder KunstWorkshop in Ecuador

With ARTHELPS in Ecuador

After having previously supported the wonderful work of ARTHELPS, we embarked on a new adventure with a unique and exciting creative workshop with the team led by Thomas Lupo of ARTHELPS in the jungles of Ecuador some time ago. We can't reveal much yet, but the photos from the trip definitely promise a colorful experience.

We will keep you up to date...

Rea Garvey wird der Senkenbergpreis überreicht.

The Senckenberg Prize

On January 28, 2017, in Frankfurt, the Senckenberg Prize for exceptional personal commitment to the protection of our environment was awarded for the third time. The 2016 Nature Engagement Award went to Rea Garvey for the ClearWater project in the Amazon region, and it carries a prize of €10,000.


Rea in Bethlehem

At the beginning of December, Rea spent a few days in Israel, to be more precise, in Bethlehem, where he spontaneously recorded a few songs at this unique location. All donors who contribute an amount of their choice by December 17, 2016, and provide their mailing address in the 'Donation Receipt' section will receive a CD with the songs sent to them.

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